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How European governments responded to the banking crisis, economic crisis and fiscal crisis in 2008-2011

主讲嘉宾 (Guest Speaker):Professor Walter Kickert,Erasmus University Rotterdam

鹿特丹伊拉斯姆斯大学公共管理学教授,荷兰政府研究所(Netherlands Institute of Government)主任,在国际期刊International Journal of Public Administration 担任deputy-editor

主持人 (Moderator):彭勃教授?

时间(time):2013年04月27日(Saturday/周六)下午1:30-3:30 pm

地点 (location):新建楼3005 (大会议室)?


Prof. Dr. W.J.M. Kickert has graduated in experimental physics in Utrecht, was research assistant in control engineering at London University and did his PhD in organisation science in Eindhoven. Afterwards he has been working at the department of Public Administration at Nijmegen University and at the ministry of Education and Sciences. In 1990 he was nominated full professor of public management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2006 he also is the scientific director on the Netherlands Institute of Government, the national interuniversity research school of administrative and political sciences. His main research themes were management in complex networks, management and organisation in central government, autonomisation of executive agencies, reorganisations of ministries and province. He has carried out international comparative research of public management and administrative reform in European countries. Until 2011 he was deputy-editor of the international journal of Public Administration. In 2012 he was awarded the Routledge prize for outstanding contribution to public management research. Besides his scientific work he has extensive experience in conducting contract research and consultancy for various ministries and other public organisations.

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讲座内容简介 (Abstract):

Comparative analysis how various large and smaller European states managed the banking crisis 2008, economic crisis 2009 and fiscal crisis in 2010-11. How did states respond to crises? How to explain for the similarities and differences in state responses? What lessons can be learned from comparison?





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